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The West Vancouver Otters Swim Club slated to have a new site!

Oct. 16, 2008

The West Vancouver Otters Swim Club has signed on with Clevernet Solutions to have a new website created, enabling them to manage their club with the great features offered by the Streamline Sport application.  Their new website will have a wide variety of functions, including a news section, a calendar system, and an extensive member's area that their club and their members will be able to use.  Not only will the site be extremely user-friendly for members, but it will also allow the administration to get a better handle on managing their club.  

About the West Vancouver Otters Swim Club
The West Vancouver Otters Swim Club (WVOSC) was formed in 1976 after the completion of the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre at 22nd St. and Fulton. Since it's founding, the WVOSC, also know as the Otters, has grown from a small recreational club to a mature organization comprised of swimmers in every age group and in every level of competition. They proudly represent their community as an organization emphasizing the sport of swimming through development of swimming skills, fitness, team participation and excellence in swimming performance.

The Club respects the concept of "team" and continually strives to incorporate activities into their annual program with the goal of sharing values of friendship, team pride and support amongst all swimmers and their family members. Although the Club offers a recreational fitness swim program, they are deeply committed to competitive swimming in organized age group and senior level.

About Clevernet Solutions
Clevernet Solutions Clevernet Solutions was founded 2003, and is now the leader in the development of Software as a Service and Rich Internet Applications.

Clevernet Solutions offers web development and hosting solutions, focusing primarily on web based management systems and services custom tailored to fit your business requirements. We help our clients deliver outstanding quality and we make sure that we fully satisfy client objectives in information technology, business process and management. To find out more about Clevernet Solutions, please visit

About Streamline Sport
Streamline Software is delivered as a service, and is provided by Clevernet Solutions. Streamline provides an easy access, which means that it can be used from any computer without having to install anything. Users will no longer have to download patches, plugins or new versions. All this is handled by Clevernet Solutions so you no longer need to worry about software deficiencies, vulnerabilities or system crashes. To find out more about Streamline Sport, go to